I Land Sound

I Land Sound

Thursday, 15 July – Monday, 19 July 2021


I Land Sound will land on the picturesque Illiku islet for the fourth summer.


In a liberating atmosphere, surrounded by breathtaking nature they bring to you the best that music, art, being together and Estonian summer have to offer. You are a deep breath of fresh sea air and a ferry ride away from being able to shed your mask – on the island you’ll find your true self again.


On the Illiku islet in Saaremaa (only 20 minutes car drive from Pädaste Manor) time no longer matters and each awakening brings new meaning. There, at Illiku islet, humans, birds and animals all have enough space and each individual is defined only by the size of their heart.


It is a custom of the island to stick together and this is what I Land Sound is about. To create an enriching experience the pioneers of electronic nightlife, artists and local community all contribute to the event. Four remarkable days and memories that will stay with you forever.


Should you wish to stay at Pädaste Manor, dine at Alexander Restaurant or enjoy fabulous lunch at Pädaste Yacht Club during I Land Sound, we recommend booking well ahead.


For reservations and inquiries please contact our Guest Relations Manager at info@padaste.ee or dial +372 45 48 800.